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The Curries group of companies was started in 1975 by Richard Currie Senior. From humble beginnings the organisation now employs close to 50 people and is one of the key players in the Commercial, Industrial and Residential HVAC & PV Energy sectors

Following the success of the HVAC business over the past four decades and spurred by their concern for the environment and their love of technology, the Directors of Curries Air embarked on setting up a business in the Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) industry. An intense industry review followed with countless hours spent researching technologies, suppliers and skills required. Andrew and Richard Currie attended an intense PV training course and in September 2019 achieved there “PV Greencard” from SAPVIA (South African Photovoltaic Industry Association). Parmal, a qualified Master Electrician was hired in September 2019 and also partook in the course and also achieved his Greencard.

Grid-tie Solar Systems
Off-grid Solar Systems
IHybrid Solar Systems

In October 2019 the newly formed team commissioned there first Victron 12kWp system complete with a 40Kw Lithium Battery. Since then, over 20 more installation have been completed from pure backup systems to fully fledged hybrid systems. Each system is carefully monitored on the Victron Remote Monitoring App (VRM) and all systems form part of ongoing research to improve our future installations and our offering to potential customers.

“We are so excited to be part of this ever-growing and ever-changing industry and believe that with our contracting expertise gained from many years in the HVAC industry we can offer South Africa many years of reliable PV installation, maintenance and repairs” - Directors of Curries Energy (Pty) Ltd.

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