solar design installation

Design & Installation

A team of experienced professionals will assist you in choosing the PV system for your application. Knowledge gained from numerous courses, research, and experience in the industry will assist in making sure your needs are met.

Site visits and Quotations are completed at no charge.
Energy Monitoring can be completed for a small fee.
CAD design can be completed where required.
Honest, fair advice will be given.

The Basics – Important factors to consider

Your requirements – going green to save the environment / cost saving / load shedding backup etc.
Current energy load and consumption.
Ways to reduce current energy load to reduce cost of system e.g Energy efficient light bulbs, Heatpump or Solar geyser, timers etc.
Your budget and risk profile – what would you like to spend / would you prefer to finance the system / would you prefer to sell system to 3rd party and buy power at a reduced rate.
Suitable system design based on your requirements, consumption and budget.
Brand(s) of equipment and related warranties.
Aesthetics taking into account positions of solar panels, routing of cabling, positioning of Inverters and batteries.
After sales service – choosing a company that will not only install a system but will maintain and repair the system going forward.

From our experience in the industry, due to the costly nature of PV systems, clients often go for the cheapest option. What people don’t consider is that these systems should have a lifespan of anywhere between 10 and 25 years and if you want the system to operate reliably and efficiently over that time frame you need to:

Use quality equipment and materials.
Follow all installation guidelines to ensure you maintain your warranties from suppliers.
Use a company that will be around to honour the warranties going forward.

Once factors such as costs of repair, shorter lifespan, power losses through poor efficiency & downtime are taken into account, in most cases the apparent “cheaper” system ends up costing more over the life of the system.

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